Mommy, Ashley, Brooklyn, Jessica, Daddy

Mommy, Ashley, Brooklyn, Jessica, Daddy

2008 Hale Family Album

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Addition to the Family

Evan is the proud not Father....owner, of Donnatella, the turtle. I have this funny feeling that at some point in Evan's childhood he would have loved a turtle and is now reliving a childhood fantasy. Brooklyn, bless her heart, had found the turtle abandoned and stuck in the canal where our ward garden is located. Being the rescuers, they felt an obligation to adopt said turtle. Evan was so excited, especially after learning that this particular breed of turtle are the ones the TMNT's were created after. Discussing the possibilities of names with the girls- who I might add, eagerly took the side of keeping the turtle- Leonardo, Donnatello, Michaelangelo, Rafael, even Splinter was an option. Taking the turtle to the pet store to gear up for a new pet and to get info on the how-to's of taking care of a turtle, they soon found, to their dismay, that Donnatello is a Donnatella. We kept her in a make shift aquarium, aka the cooler. Luckily, Evan's Birthday was coming. The girls and grandma and grandpa pitched in to get a nicer one with all the gadgets and equipment a turtle could ever ask for. Happy Birthday Evan! We love you!

Garden Specialist?!

For all of you who haven't heard...Evan is the new ward garden specialist! Evidently it is a 'learn as you go'/ 'training on the job' kind of position. Experience optional. Evan is having a blast doing it and we are learning alot about gardening. We have combined our efforts with the Cortina 2nd ward so we are able to plant a larger variety of vegetables. We had a Ward/Primary activity to plant the garden and the turn out was awsome. We got all 24 rows (each row is 150ft long) planted in less than 2 1/2 hours! Being the garden SPECIALIST, we are now hoping things grow. We'll let you know.

Brooklyn decided that being pampered was the way to go for her birthday. So bringing the Spa home for her and her friends was what she wanted. Thanks to Jessica, Ashley, and Jessica's friends Sydney and Amanda, and Rachel the party was a breeze. And of course Evan wouldn't miss an opportunity to join in as the "Master Nail Tech" for this special event! I must admit that having the older girls to plan, set up, and help-out made my job a piece of cake. And when all is said and done Brooklyn was able to return the favor (you can tell that both of them look overjoyed)